Rules and information

  1. Gym internal regulations are mandatory for all gym visitors. In case of non-compliance with the regulations, the staff of OG Klubi OƜ has the right to ask the visitor to leave the gym.
  2. Video surveillance is in place in the gym to ensure the safety of the gym and its visitors.
  3. The use of the gym is subject to a fee. The customer can purchase a pass from the gym staff or through the OG Gym website, according to the price list.
  4. The gym pass is personalized and can only be used by the individual specified on the pass.
    1. If a customer allows another person to use their pass, OG Klubi OƜ has the right to cancel the pass.
  5. Only one (1) person is allowed to pass through the access control system at a time.
    1. If multiple people enter the system together, OG Klubi OƜ has the right to cancel the pass of the customer who violated the rule.
  6. It is mandatory to wear indoor/exercise shoes for training in the gym.
  7. The gym equipment and premises should be used responsibly and for their intended purpose. In case of damage to the equipment due to intentional or careless actions, the person responsible must fully compensate for the incurred damages.
  8. Removing gym equipment from the premises is prohibited.
  9. OG Klubi OƜ is not responsible for the valuables of gym visitors.
  10. When visiting the gym, please follow and comply with common sanitary, safety, and fire safety requirements.
  11.  Only unbreakable water and food containers are allowed in the gym.
  12. Gym users must ensure that their health condition allows them to exercise and use the training equipment. OG Klubi OƜ is not responsible for the customer's health.
  13. OG Klubi OƜ is not liable for injuries or health issues that occur and does not compensate for any resulting damages unless they are caused by the actions or inactions of OG Klubi OƜ.
  14.  Only individuals authorized by OG Klubi OƜ are allowed to provide personal training services in the gym.
  15. The following activities are prohibited in the gym:
    1. Smoking
    1. Consumption of narcotic substances
    1. Being present in the gym premises under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
    1. Hair dyeing
    1. Washing clothes and garments
    1. Wearing dirty and inappropriate clothing and footwear
    1. Being in the gym without footwear
    1. Intentionally disturbing or interfering with other gym members and/or staff
    1. Visitors entering the opposite gender dressing and shower rooms.
  16. If the gym customer uses a padlock provided by OG Gym, it must be returned to the designated location along with the key after use.
  17.  Independent training is allowed in the gym from the age of 14. Younger individuals may train with a parent or guardian, or with a special permission from OG Klubi OƜ